Legal Personhood Issues

  • The fetus is granted personhood if wanted by the mother

  • The fetus can become a non-person at the discretion of the mother

  • However, a mother may not choose to kill her born child

  • How can the personhood of a human being be decided by another person?

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The legal arguments against abortion are examined from the perspective of the rights afforded all persons by laws of the United States. The Supreme Court, however, invented additional rights that were said to surpass the right to life. The legal definition of murder for the state of California will be examined to demonstrate its logical fallacies. For the state of California, personhood is not established by an impartial set of criteria, but by the whims of another person.

In another contradictory ruling, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled in August 2003 that an unborn child is a person and wrongful death lawsuits may be filed on her behalf.
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