The Threat of Radical Christianity: Christians are Involved Too Much in Politics?
by Rich Deem


Radical Christians?

A slew of books by "evangelical" atheists have claimed that Christianity is a threat to American democracy. Are radical Christians poised to take over the U.S. political system and turn it into a Christian theocracy?

Rich Deem

Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion, Chris Hedges’s American Fascists, Sam Harris’s Letter to a Christian Nation, and Christopher Hitchens’s God Is Not Great all claim that radical Christians in the United States want to turn the government into a religious theocracy. Just like the Taliban1 and other Moslem theocracies, these Christians would make the Bible the law of the land and remove freedoms from all Americans. Is this a realistic appraisal of the plans of the "religious right?"

Rhetoric of the right

The "religious right" tend to focus on just a few issues, including homosexuality, immigration, abortion, and stem cell research. These moral issues are often coupled with fiscal conservatism. So, the religious right comes across as being anti-people and pro-business, seemingly with more regard for their pocketbooks than with the lives of people. As in virtually all political movements, opponents of the religious right tend to portray the "enemy" in the worst light possible. Extremists are quoted liberally and presented as being representative of every conservative Christian.

Rhetoric of radical anti-theists

The "new atheism" has gone on a rabid attack against all religious people (with an extra emphasis on Christians). Here is what Chris Hedges claims in his book, American Fascists:

"The radical Christian Right calls for exclusion, cruelty and intolerance in the name of God. Its members do not commit evil for evil's sake. They commit evil to make a better world. To attain this better world, they believe, some must suffer and be silenced and destroyed. The worst suffering in human history has been carried out by those who preach such grand, utopian visions, those who seek to implant by force their narrow, particular version of goodness. This is true for all doctrines of personal salvation, from Christianity to ethnic nationalism to communism to fascism. Dreams of a universal good create hells of persecution, suffering and slaughter." Chris Hedges American Fascists, p. 205.

While it is true that great suffering has been perpetrated by those in absolute power, it is not true that the majority of this suffering has come at the hands of Christians. The number of atrocities committed by those claiming to be Christians pales in comparison to those of atheists, who have only become a political force within the last one hundred years. The problem is, and always has been, the inherent evil present within each human being - when given the absolute power do as they please.

Biblical Christianity

Is the Bible Intolerant? Sexist? Oppressive? Homophobic? Outdated? Irrelevant?Whatever Christians do or do not do regarding politics, the Bible does give limited advice to Christians. Both the apostles Paul and Peter advised that Christians should be obedient to governing authorities and submit to their rule.2 The Bible specifically addresses the issue of paying taxes, and commands Christians to do so.3 The only exception to submit to authority would be if the governing authorities commanded Christians to disobey God's laws, in which case Christians are told to obey God rather than men.4 Christians are advised to pray for all who are in authority.5

The advice given by Paul and Peter was given at a time when the governing authorities were part of a totalitarian state. So, any rebellion would have been met with serious consequences (including execution). In fact, the historical record reveals that Christians were executed just for being Christians.6 So, in today's democracies, Christians would be expected to participate in a godly manner in the political process.

Participation in politics

The United States of America was founded as a constitutional republic under a mostly democratic7 form of government. For this reason, all people8 are encouraged to become involved in the election process. Many in the secular left feel threatened when Christians get involved in politics, as if Christians should be disenfranchised for some reason. The reality is that the democratic process works best when people from diverse backgrounds and worldviews compete in the political arena.

Christian concerns

Christians are involved in politics because they want their interests represented whenever new legislation is considered. Their primary concern is that they don't want to be forced to compromise their moral values due to politically-correct legislation. One example is forcing pharmacist to dispense abortifacients, even though they are morally opposed to abortion. In another example, Roman Catholic adoption agencies were forced out of Massachusetts because they would have been forced to place children in homes with homosexual couples. In California, the legislature has passed bills instituting gay marriage directly negating a proposition passed by the voters banning such marriages (bill was vetoed by the governor). Also, in California, the legislature has passed bills restricting free speech of those who speak against certain sexual orientations, even if such information is medically correct. Recent California legislation mandates a positive portrayal of homosexuality in the public schools, even though such behaviors negatively impact the health of its participants. With the California legislature's current obsession to limit free speech, it won't be long before the Bible will be a banned book based upon its condemnation of certain kinds of sexual behaviors.

Secular concerns

The secular left is concerned that Christians want to hijack the political system altogether, and institute some kind of religious theocracy. Of course, theocracies have failed miserably in the past (and in the present). In fact, the Bible describes how a theocratic monarchy would be bad for the people of Israel.9 Still, the Hebrews chose to be governed in that way, and suffered through a succession of bad kings. The reason that theocracies fail is not due to the religious component, but due to their totalitarian component. Secular totalitarian regimes have committed similar, if not greater atrocities than religious regimes.10 History has proven that evil people will use religious or secular reasons to obtain power to perpetrate their own agenda. Christians probably understand this principle as well or even better than the general population, since we believe that the Bible is correct in claiming that all people are sinners and have a tendency to be self-centered.11 I personally know no Christians who wish to establish a Christian theocracy in the United States. The Bible describes how it says the world will end, and it doesn't involve a Christian theocracy. Instead, it involves an anti-Christian theocracy,12 in which Christians and Jews are persecuted and executed.13 I guess that's good news for those who are concerned about the possible implementation of a Christian theocracy.

The solution to the "Christian problem"

The solution to the "Christian problem" is now being implemented on several fronts. The goal of the new atheism is to marginalize Christians by claiming that all Christians are stupid or deluded. The primary technique is accomplished through generalizations involving a few, well-chosen "examples" of Christian through or actions, none of which represent mainstream Christianity. The goal of the secular left is to limit the free speech of Christians through "campaign reform" laws that primarily target conservative-run organizations (such as the 2002 McCain-Feingold Act), and "hate-speech" legislation aimed at prevention of speech about certain kinds of sexual behaviors.

The so-called "Fairness Doctrine" was introduced after World War II to require media to give equal broadcast time opposing political viewpoints. However, as conservative broadcasting became dominant, "Fairness" was used to stifle free speech,14 since it required an equal time response from opposing viewpoints. Recent legislation has attempted to reinstate "Fairness" in an attempt to challenge the dominance of conservative talk radio, since liberal talk radio seems unable to compete in the marketplace.

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Yes, Christians are involved in the political process in the United States, as they should be. No, Christians don't want to initiate any kind of religious theocracy. We just want our rights protected so that we are not required to participate in the godless decadence that our society seems to be heading into.

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