Arguments for God's Existence from the Bible

The Bible gives many proofs for the existence of God from what we can see in His creation. These proofs can be classified into the following categories:

  1. Cosmological argument (God as the only power capable of creating the universe and everything in it)
  2. Ontological argument (God has placed within us a knowledge that He exists and cares for us)
  3. Moral argument (God has placed a moral law in our hearts which testify of His law)
  4. Argument from fulfilled prophecy (the Bible provides us with evidence of its validity through over 2,000 fulfilled prophecies)

Cosmological Argument

Job 38-41: God gives many examples which testify to His existence, intelligence, power, and the complexity of His creation.

Other cosmological arguments:


Ontological Argument


Moral Argument


Fulfilled Prophecy

Multiple arguments

Last Modified March 8, 2005


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