Why Does This Site Quote So Many Bible Verses? I Don't Believe the Bible Anyway
by Rich Deem


Why the Bible?

Most skeptics don't believe that the Bible contains much, if any, truth. So, why does this site keep throwing Bible verses at skeptics, if they don't accept that the Bible represents truth?

Rich Deem

From my browsing of skeptical discussion boards, it seems that the most common objection to GodAndScience.org is that it extensively cites the Bible on most of its pages. Their complaint is that citing the Bible is stupid, because everybody knows that the Bible is false. Regardless of what you believe about the veracity of the Bible, as a skeptic, you need to pay attention to the Bible citations, since this is how you will evaluate the validity of arguments presented on this site.

Purposes of Bible citation

I get a lot of email from atheists and skeptics, and the vast majority of it (over 80%) contains theological errors. In other words, what skeptics think the Bible says is nearly always wrong. If you are a skeptic and don't believe me, try our Basic Bible and Christian Theology Quiz. So, I am left with the reality that the vast number of skeptics discredit Christianity on the basis of ignorance and misinformation. So, the main purpose of citing the Bible is to educate our audience about what the Bible really says.

Bible and science

The Indestructible Book DVD SetMost skeptics say that the Bible contains numerous scientific errors. Obviously, to examine whether the Bible does contradict known facts, one needs to survey what the Bible says about scientific topics. Skeptics are famous for pointing out verses out-of-context and selecting specific Bible translations that seem to support their point of view to the exclusion of the truth.

Conclusion Top of page

GodAndScience.org cites numerous Bible verses because most skeptics have a very poor understanding of fundamental biblical theology. In addition, many skeptical objections to the Bible are based upon verses taken out-of-context or bad or archaic English translations that seem to support a skeptical objection. So, without a thorough examination of what the Bible says, it is impossible to evaluate Bible and science questions.

Examples of Bible Translations and Verses Out-of-Context

Bible and science

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