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Rich Deem isĀ  the founder of Evidence for God from Science and author of this blog. Evidence for God from Science is a Christian apologetics website whose mission is to demonstrate the harmony between science and the Bible.

Rich Deem has a bachelor of science in biological sciences from the University of Southern California and a master of science in Medical Microbiology from California State University, Los Angeles. He has been working in medical science research (UC Davis, UCLA, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) since 1983. He is currently researching gene expression and epigenetics of lamina propria and peripheral T cells in inflammatory bowel diseases. See publications.

Rich Deem is an active volunteer apologist with Reasons To Believe since 1994 and serves in the leadership of Paradoxes Sunday School Class at Sierra Madre Community Church, near Pasadena, CA. He has been married to Carole Allen Deem since 1989 and has three sons.

3 thoughts on “About Rich Deem

  1. Larry Evans

    Rich, your short biography at the top of the page mentions you are an active apologist (defender of the faith). You must consider that mainstream liberal Americans despise two classes of people. One, are gun owners and second are the religious people trying to instill morality in an immoral society. The Constitution of the United States only has twenty seven amendments. If the government should repeal our second amendment (right to bear arms), then the ball is rolling to repeal our first amendment (freedom of religion), to silence every God believing man, woman and child.
    The vast number of gun owners are law abiding responsible citizens, just as the vast number of car owners are law abiding. However, there were 952 drunk driving deaths in 2012 in my home state of Illinois. And I have not heard on word about outlawing cars, or how much alcohol a person can own or drink. Drunk driving is no accident when the person keeps lifting another beer to his mouth. Point is the person getting behind the wheel or trigger makes his own decisions.
    We live in a fallen world where there well always be pain and suffering. God called us not to spend too much time trying to fix society, but to carry out the great commission of His saving grace.

  2. B. Sonntag

    You were instrumental to my pursuit of Christ.

    LARRY EVANS: All of Christ’s apostles died for their beliefs. Perhaps He would expect the same of us.

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