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Elizabeth Warren is More Neanderthal than Native American!

You are more Neanderthal than native American!

According to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s latest DNA results, she is somewhere between 1/64 and 1/1024 Native American. This works out to 0.1 to 1.5% Native American. However, since she is mostly of European ancestry, studies have shown that she is between 1.8 to 2.4% Neanderthal! So, Warren is more Neanderthal than native American. Now, that is something that sounds right!

Aiding Syrian Rebels and End Times Prophecy

It is surprising how the recent announcement of the Obama administration to arm Syrian rebels (and potentially provide air support) has met with little or no comment from the press, although most Americans want to stay out of Syrian civil war. When George Bush was president, according to the press, finding that Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons was not sufficient to justify involvement in removing him from office (since nobody ever found “weapons of mass destruction.” Now, the Obama administration is claiming there is evidence that the chemical weapon sarin had been used on Syrian rebels, although no specifics have been given by the White House.

The problem with supporting Arab rebels is that regimes that replace more “moderate” bad dictators tend to consist of more radical Islamic governments. I see this tendency as potentially resulting in the eventual fulfillment of end times prophecy of Revelation 20:9, when the enemies of Jerusalem surround the city in preparation to attempt to destroy it. To find out the result of the conflict, please read Revelation chapter 20.

Was “Florida teen charged with felony for trying science”?

A blogger on Scientific American has written an article claiming that an innocent student was charged with a felony for merely “trying science.” It is implied that this was a case of racism since this was an African American student. According to the post, the student was just doing an innocent “science experiment.”

The reality is a little different from what was reported in the article. The reality is that the student had searched or found on the Internet how to make a homemade chemical bomb. A simple search for toilet cleaner and aluminum will lead one to several YouTube videos showing exactly how this is done. The student showed up early (7:00 a.m.) to set off her bomb. Yes, it exploded as planned and she got busted. Maybe creating a chemical bomb on a school site is okay at Scientific American, but at most campuses such activities are frowned upon.

By the way, all the stupid people in the videos are young white males, showing that stupidity does not have color lines. I am willing to bet that the next white male who sets off a bomb at school will also get arrested. What in the world are they thinking at Scientific American?

Frank Pastore, 1957-2012

Frank Pastore, host of the most popular Christian talk show in the nation on KKLA Los Angeles has died at the age of 55. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Frank a year and a half ago at the Glendale radio station, as the result of my wife winning a tuition discount to a local Christian school through KKLA. I got to meet a number of other people at the station, who were all friendly and enthusiastic. Frank was blessed to have work with such a nice group of Christians.

Having listened to the KKLA talk show for years, I was somewhat apprehensive at having this ex-jock taking over the show 8 years ago. However, Frank was bright and articulate and really on fire for Jesus. He won over a lot of fans, including yours truly, in a very short period of time. Although the show always included its fair share of politics, Frank brought his love of the Lord to the table, including a fair amount of Christian apologetics, in wanting to lead others to faith in Jesus. Frank was always interested in the best evidence for the Christian faith and recently had featured speakers from Reasons To Believe, a Christian apologetics ministry for which I serve as a volunteer apologist.

As much as Frank will be missed by all of his loyal fans, he will be missed even more by hiss wife Gina and their two children. Please pray for them during this difficult time. Having a wife who is nearing the end of her battle with a brain tumor, I know that losing a long-time spouse is a heart-wrenching experience. May the Lord be with the Pastore family.