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Aiding Syrian Rebels and End Times Prophecy

It is surprising how the recent announcement of the Obama administration to arm Syrian rebels (and potentially provide air support) has met with little or no comment from the press, although most Americans want to stay out of Syrian civil war. When George Bush was president, according to the press, finding that Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons was not sufficient to justify involvement in removing him from office (since nobody ever found “weapons of mass destruction.” Now, the Obama administration is claiming there is evidence that the chemical weapon sarin had been used on Syrian rebels, although no specifics have been given by the White House.

The problem with supporting Arab rebels is that regimes that replace more “moderate” bad dictators tend to consist of more radical Islamic governments. I see this tendency as potentially resulting in the eventual fulfillment of end times prophecy of Revelation 20:9, when the enemies of Jerusalem surround the city in preparation to attempt to destroy it. To find out the result of the conflict, please read Revelation chapter 20.

Newtown Massacre and Gun Control

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” I don’t buy it!

You might expect a conservative Christian to be in favor of an American’s right to own a semiautomatic machine gun. Sorry. I am a traitor to the right. I don’t own a gun and I never will. I trust in Jesus, not guns.

When America’s founding fathers provided for “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” it was in regard to the keeping of “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” Soon after, military security was taken over by the federal government, instead of being relegated to the states. When the right to bear arms was given, it took about a full minute to load a musket. An individual could do more damage with a knife. Now it takes a couple seconds to load a clip of 30 bullets. The founding fathers would be horrified by how we are presently exercising our rights.

The problem with our right to own a semiautomatic machine gun is that we are all sinners. A sinner with a musket is one thing. A sinner with a machine gun is quite another. However, the shooter was more than just an ordinary sinner. He purposely sought out children who could not defend themselves. He shot them multiple times (up to 11), until they stopped moving. Such evil is not the result of evolution gone bad or mutated genes. Such evil is of a spiritual nature and comes from the author of evil himself. As the nation becomes more secular and less Christian, the kinds of massacres that happened at Newton’s Sandy Hook Elementary will be happening more often.

Increasing security at our schools isn’t really an option. Sandy Hook Elementary had more security than any of the six schools my three children attended. The shooter broke through the security, using his rifle. Making it more difficult to obtain a gun didn’t work, since the shooter borrowed his mother’s guns. How can you deny a gun to a harmless mother?

The ultimate solution to the problem is to make all personal gun ownership illegal. You don’t need to hunt game to provide food for your family. Go to the store. You don’t need a gun to protect your family. That is why we pay the police. “If guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns.” There is a way to solve that one, too. The use of a gun in the commission of any crime adds an automatic life sentence (remember, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Eliminate the people using guns).

Jesus always had a special place for children in His ministry. His heart is broken that we value our “right” to own a semiautomatic machine gun over the lives of His children. Shame on us, the Church, for not speaking up before. Forgive me, Jesus.