Was “Florida teen charged with felony for trying science”?

A blogger on Scientific American has written an article claiming that an innocent student was charged with a felony for merely “trying science.” It is implied that this was a case of racism since this was an African American student. According to the post, the student was just doing an innocent “science experiment.”

The reality is a little different from what was reported in the article. The reality is that the student had searched or found on the Internet how to make a homemade chemical bomb. A simple search for toilet cleaner and aluminum will lead one to several YouTube videos showing exactly how this is done. The student showed up early (7:00 a.m.) to set off her bomb. Yes, it exploded as planned and she got busted. Maybe creating a chemical bomb on a school site is okay at Scientific American, but at most campuses such activities are frowned upon.

By the way, all the stupid people in the videos are young white males, showing that stupidity does not have color lines. I am willing to bet that the next white male who sets off a bomb at school will also get arrested. What in the world are they thinking at Scientific American?



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