LDS Objections: Lamanites Were a Small Group in Central America

  • Doctrine and Covenants

    • section 28 says that the city of Zion will be built “on the borders by the Lamanites.” 

    • indicate that Mormon leaders were to “preach to the Lamanites”

    • relates the Lamanites to the “Indian tribes in the West”

  • Gospel Principles

    • teaches that “The Lamanites Will Become a Great People”

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Some Mormons claim that the Lamanites were only a small group of people who were geographically restricted to a particular location, such as Central America. However, other Mormon scripture indicates that the Lamanites are peoples on the North American continent.1 For example, Doctrine and Covenants Section 28 says that the city of Zion will be built “on the borders by the Lamanites.”2 Several Doctrine and Covenants Sections indicate that Mormon leaders were to “preach to the Lamanites”3 At one point, the text specifically relates the Lamanites to the “Indian tribes in the West”4 and that at least part of this boarders on the land of Missouri.5

In addition to the standard works, the standard Mormon teaching book, Gospel Principles teaches that the Lamanites are alive and numerous throughout the Americas:

“The Lamanites Will Become a Great People
The Lord said that when his coming was near, the Lamanites would become a righteous and respected people. He said, “Before the great day of the Lord shall come,... the Lamanites shall blossom as the rose” (D&C 49:24). Great numbers of Lamanites in North and South America and the South Pacific are now receiving the blessings of the gospel.”6

In order to claim that the Native Americans are not Lamanites, one would have to admit that much of Mormon scripture and official current teaching is false.

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