Origin of Life - Enter to win $1.35 million!
by Rich Deem

Do you think you have the answer to the origin of life problem? Well, if you do, enter your answer and win over one million dollars (paid over 20 years), offered through the The Origin-of-Life Foundation, Inc. Your task is quite trivial. Just claim the "The Origin-of-Life Prize" by "proposing a highly plausible mechanism for the spontaneous rise of genetic instructions in nature sufficient to give rise to life."

Here are the instructions to claim the winning prize:

"To win, the explanation must correspond to empirical biochemical and thermodynamic reality, and be published in a well-respected, peer-reviewed science journal(s)."

OOPS! OH NO!!! It has to be based upon "biochemical and thermodynamic reality". NOT REALITY!

Do NOT e-mail me with your origin of life ideas. Win the prize first, then e-mail me. If you have what it takes, follow the link to the The Origin-of-Life Foundation, Inc..

Update - 6/13/01: Needless to say, the Origin of Life Foundation did not get any takers so they changed the rules. They got rid of the "biochemical and thermodynamic reality" requirement. Instead, it has been replaced by "biochemical correlation". So much for reality...

Last Modified September 21, 2002


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