Evidence for God from Science Discussion Guidelines

When posting messages, there are some posting guidelines that must be followed for your benefit, and the benefit of other readers and posters. Moderators are responsible for enforcing the rules, and will moderate at their discretion to ensure that the majority will enjoy fruitful discussions.

If you decide to break the accepted rules of conduct on this board, your messages could be edited or deleted, or you may be suspended or banned from the board.

The Messageboard

This messageboard belongs to Evidence for God from Science, a Christian apologetic website which predominantly serves the purpose of showing the harmony between Science and the Bible. As such, this is a Christian messageboard.

Therefore although you must respect everyone's beliefs, specifically slandering Christ or putting down Christianity in general (especially based on ill-intentioned stereotypical views) will not be accepted. For example, not all Christians are unintelligent, uneducated, ignorant people (just like not all Atheists are). Treat everyone uniquely as who they are, not based on a view of their belief.


The God and Science website is rated "family friendly" and for "all ages", so please keep your words clean. Some words considered inappropriate have been blocked, and attempts to get around a blocked word by inserting a space or character will not be tolerated.


When debating views, it is expected that discussions will get heated. This does not give the right to personally attack or slander someone else. Slandering views (e.g. as ignorant, childish, rhetoric, etc) will also not be accepted if done persistently, to spite another, or to avoid your opponent's argument. Cases will be judged by a moderator and appropriate action will be taken where necessary.

While these instructions are likely unnecessary for the vast majority of participants, there are always a few who feel the need to test the limits. Here's some biblical advice to serve as a guide for conversations:

Constructive Discussions

To have a constructive discussion, there are at least four main requirements:

  1. At Least Two People: This point should be obvious.
  2. A Specific Topic: All conversations should have one specific topic, and as such should remain on that topic. Any new topic that forks out and is too far removed, should be started as a new thread or brought to a moderator's attention.
  3. Knowledge: It is not expected that you should be thoroughly educated on an issue before commenting about it. At the same token, it is impossible for us to know everything. So if a topic is new to you or you don't know much about it, then it is good to spend some time researching to increase your knowledge before writing.
  4. Self-control: Chances are you will disagree with someone and the discussion will take on the form of a debate. When debating, mutual respect is needed otherwise the debate will inevitably degrade into provoking and/or personal attacks.

    Chances are you will begin loosing your respect for someone through what you perceive as an attack. If this happens, it is important you keep your self-control and remain innocent by maintaining an appropriate mannerism. If you are feeling too perturbed then you can either 1) politely leave the discussion, or 2) notify a moderator to intervene, ensuring any provoking is stopped, and/or the debate dismantled.

Plagiarism, References, and Misquoting

Plagiarism is not accepted here. Any information gotten from another source must be referenced in some way. In most cases, all that is expected is a single link along with who you quoted. All Bible quotes must also be cited.

The trustworthiness of sources and quality of references should also be determined, otherwise you might end up embarrassed. There are many ideas floating around on the Web, and the quality can generally be judged by where it came from. For example, you should be wary of sources that are predominately "opinionative", don't appear "educated" on the issue, or lack "professionalism". In addition, refrain from continually using references that have already been outrightly shown as false.

Misquoting is also frowned upon and will be cause for intervention by a moderator. It is best to quote an entire sentence, even paragraph if possible. However, quoting a few middle words where the authors intention clearly does not support your case is dishonest so will not be accepted.


Comments regarding these rules of conduct are welcome as long as they are constructive. Moderators also reserve the right to deal with any post they deem inappropriate in a way not specifically mentioned, but within the same spirit being passed along here.

If you have any issues not covered here, please contact a moderator for advice.


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