by Rich Deem

June 30, 2011.

You have clicked on a book link which has sent you to this page. Normally, you would have gone to, where you could have read more about the book and decided to purchase. However, Amazon decided to penalize all affiliates from California by removing their affiliate status, although still allowing referred people to purchase goods from all those now unpaid links. All Amazon links on this website have been referred to this page on a temporary basis while I search for a suitable affiliate from which to support the hosting costs of this site.

By choosing to penalize the small affiliate members, Amazon is showing that they care only about profits. I am encouraging everybody to boycott Amazon until they change their mind. Also, I would like to encourage all of you to  cancel your Amazon account in protest. If you do so, please let them know why you are cancelling your account. In their email to affiliate members, Amazon suggested in a sort of indirect, underhanded way that you could just change your state of residence and be reincorporated into the program.1 Since I am a Christian, lying is not an option!

Thank you for your support of this ministry.

Rich Deem, Founder

  1. From their email: "And if you relocate to another state in the near future please contact us for reinstatement into the Amazon Associates Program."
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