Abortion Vs. Slavery

Abortion (2003)

Slavery (1850’s)*

"They’re not persons" "They’re not persons,
but property"
It's a personal choice It's a personal choice
It's a religious issue It's a religious issue

*Stephen Douglas used all of these arguments in favor of retaining slavery
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The same arguments used to support slavery are now being used to support abortion. Pro-abortion advocates are constantly trying to say that it is a personal choice and that it is a religious issue. However, the information in this presentation indicates that the arguments used to support abortion "rights" lack logic and are not supported by scientific or ethical examinations of the issues.

EVERYONE who supported slavery was free. EVERYONE who support abortion was born. That's how oppression works. "They're not really people" - We've heard that before

This slideshow was presented at the Center for Research in the Sciences at Azusa Pacific University. The actual PowerPoint presentation (440 KB) is available for download:

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