Overview of the LDS Creation Model

  • Heavens and the earth were created by a council of gods

  • The God of this world (Elohim) was once a man who worked his way to godhead

  • Gods are created

  • Heavenly procreation produces “spirit children”

  • Spirit children can progress to godhead

  • Matter is eternal

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LDS theology is quite different from mainstream Christian beliefs. Mormons believe that the heavens and earth were created by a council of gods. This council included Elohim, the God of the Bible, who was once a man on another planet, but worked his way to godhead by being obedient to the "everlasting gospel," which was "restored" and proclaimed through the LDS church. The LDS church teaches that spirit children are born through heavenly procreation. These spirit children take on bodies and live as mortals before returning to heaven. Those who are obedient to the "gospel" become gods and rule their own worlds to produce more gods. More information can be found on the following slides...

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