The LDS Creation Model

Matter is eternal

  • Since gods are created, matter must be eternal


  • Scientists agree that all matter (along with energy, space and time) was created at the Big Bang

  • How did matter create the first god?

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The LDS doctrine that gods are created results in some interesting problems. Although not specifically stated, LDS doctrine leads one to believe that matter must be eternal, since gods are not eternally present in the past. Statements to that effect have been made by LDS members in discussions. For example, in a recent e-mail (October, 2003), an LDS member stated, "In Mormon thought, space and matter have always existed, and space and matter are infinite." Surprisingly, LDS theology does not address the question of ultimate origins.

The idea that matter is eternal contradicts the know fact about the universe. All matter, energy, space, and time came into existence ~14 billion years ago at the event called the Big Bang.

It is difficult to fathom how matter would know how to create the first god.
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