Weapons in the Book of Mormon

  • Book of Mormon claims that chariots were used in Americas before Christ

  • Book of Mormon describes use of scimitars (spelled “cimiter” in Book of Mormon), steel swords and brass breastplates

Scimitar, Middle Eastern weapon of war

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The Book of Mormon describes the presence of chariots in the New World. However, archeologists have found neither evidence of chariots or even evidence of wheeled vehicle usage during the period described in the Book of Mormon.

Scimitars (spelled “cimeters” by Joseph Smith), were Old-World weapons of war that were mentioned throughout the Book of Mormon. However, they have not been found to have existed in the New World. LDS apologists cite the Mesoamerican maccuahuitl as a possible “cimiter”. However, the maccuahuitl was a hardwood club with obsidian blades, which is quite different from the heavy, two-handed curved steel blade of the “cimeter.”

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