Movie Review: Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith
by Rich Deem

Movie Review

Synopsis: Hit piece on evolution
Summary: Evolution vs. God is an attempt to discredit Neo-Darwinian evolution through a series of interviews. Ray Comfort interviews scientists and college students to try to show that their belief in evolution is the result of blind faith.

Rating: 2.5 Star Rating: Not Recommended
Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith


Ray Comfort's new movie, Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith is an attempt to show that evolution requires more faith than theism. Through a series of highly edited interviews with scientists and students, Comfort hopes to show that the foundations of evolution do not hold up. However, the movie is more likely to be believed by gullible young earth creationists than serious scientists or atheists.

The good

Unfortunately, the part of the movie that actually presents some data is very limited. In essence it is a rebuttal to the idea that vestigial organs are an evolutionary left-over from our ancient ancestors. However, only two examples are discussed (the "tailbone" and appendix). A discussion of people who were and were not atheists was also acceptable. Comfort's gospel presentation to the students was okay, but we don't really know what their reactions were, since they were mostly just standing there listening to him. They didn't look like they had been convinced by Comfort's words.

The bad

The primary format of the movie consists of snippets of interviews—mostly of young college students who didn't really seem to know much about evolution. Even though I don't believe in macroevolution, I could have given better answers than the students included in the movie. The tactic that Comfort took was to ask people for observable evidence for evolution. Most people cited the fossil record. However, since the fossils were formed thousands to millions of years ago, Comfort concluded that the evidence could not be "observed." So, by declaring the evidence as unobservable, Comfort essentially eliminated all the evidence one would expect to find that supports the interpretations of origins science research. Of course fossils can be observed and the time at which they appeared in the history of the earth can be scientifically determined. The idea that such evidence does not constitute observational evidence is absurd. There is a very disturbing section of the movie that asks students if they would save their dog over some other human being. All the students in the movie said they would save their dog over another human being if they could only save one. I sincerely doubt that this was a random sampling of responses to the question, but were probably specifically chosen to imply that belief in evolution automatically turns one into a morally bankrupt person.

The ugly

Where did all the ideas from the movie originate? At the end of the movie is what seems to be an 1 minute plus advertisement for the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. Answers in Genesis is also strongly promoting the movie. What Ray Comfort needs to realize is that promoting the bogus "science" of Answers in Genesis will never convince scientists that evolution is false. If Comfort cannot distinguish between real and phony science then he has no business making movies about topics involving science.

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Although the subtitle of Evolution vs. God is "Shaking the Foundations of Faith," the movie will do no such shaking of people's faith in evolution. Instead, it is clear that the movie is aimed directly at Christians who already disbelieve evolution. There is an appeal for donations, so that the ministry can distribute DVDs of the movie to college students to get them to disbelieve in evolution. Don't give money for this, since the DVD will not be effective at convincing college students. If you really want to donate to a cause that does convince skeptics of the truth of the Bible related to God's creation, please donate to Reasons To Believe. At Evidence for God from Science, we oppose the use of caricatures of evolution or any other idea that resorts to deception, especially when used by fellow Christians. Such techniques do nothing to promote the cause of Jesus, but actually diminish our credibility in the eyes of those we are trying to reach. If you are an unbeliever, please forgive us.

Movie details:
Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of FaithEvolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith
Director: Ray Comfort
Length: 38 min
Production Company: Living Waters
Date published: July 9, 2013
Language: English
Last Modified July 15, 2013


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