Creation/Evolution Links ( is an excellent site that discusses the theoretical problems with the theory of evolution. Now a book - Intelligent Design or Evolution? Why the Origin of Life and the Evolution of Molecular Knowledge Imply DesignIntelligent Design or Evolution? Why the Origin of Life and the Evolution of Molecular Knowledge Imply Design by Stuart W. Pullen
Access Research Network ( provides many excellent articles on creation/evolution.
Origins ( features scholarly and popular resources covering the topics of intelligent design, darwinism and evolution, atheism, interviews, book reviews, debates and links to other sites.

Leadership University ( has many articles on diverse subjects

William A. Dembski - excellent site for info on intelligent design
Robert C. Koons
Dr William Lane Craig Virtual office - Excellent articles and debates
Dr. Walter L. Bradley

Reasons To Believe ( mostly features cosmological arguments, but more information on evolution will be coming with the addition of Dr. Fuz Rana (biochemist) to the staff.
(Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness) ( -Is a large intelligent design site at U.C. San Diego
Discovery Institute
( has some nice articles about the shoddy science presented in our public school textbooks.
The Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture ( is the Intelligent Design think tank. Find the most recent articles by Dembski, Meyer, and Johnson here. Origins from the perspective of Intelligent Design and Old Earth Creationism
God exists: An engineer explains why (
God's Machine Shop ( - good site for info on intelligent design
Probe Ministries ( is an excellent site with many articles on diverse topics, including a number of articles relevant to evolution/creation (by Dr. Ray Bohlin).
Creation and Evolution Links ( homepages/rossuk/c-links.htm) has many more links to other creation/evolution pages.
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