Neandertals - Limited Genetic Diversity

Population Individuals Ave. Genetic material found in mitochondria, the organelles that generate energy for the cell.mtDNA Difference
Mean Minimum Maximum
Neanderthals 0,003 03.73 - -
Humans 5,530 03.43 0.00 10.16
Chimpanzees  0,359 14.81 0.00 29.06
Gorillas 0,028 18.57 0.40 28.79
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Although the differences between modern humans and Neanderthals are large, the differences among individual humans or among individual Neanderthals is small compared to other apes (see Table above). Such low genetic diversity among Neanderthals are consistent with a creation model in which Neanderthals were specially created as a small population in the relatively recent past. The much larger variation seen among chimpanzees and gorillas does not eliminate them as specially created, but does place their probable creation date considerably before that of modern humans.

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