Origin of the Races

Race Facts:

  • Single biological species - Homo sapiens sapiens

  • Race described on the basis of skin color, hair form, facial morphology, body proportions, and other, less obvious traits - not based upon genetics

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There are many myths about race that are quite prevalent in most societies. The facts show that humans are all part of the same biological species and subspecies (Homo sapiens sapiens). Different human races are, on average, about four times more genetically similar than different populations of chimpanzees (which we would say "all look alike"). Races were originally defined on the basis of external Related to the observable traits or characteristics of an organism, for example hair color, weight, or the presence or absence of a disease.phenotypic (appearance) characteristics. When originally defined, people did not know that the genetic changes that control skin color, facial morphology, etc. represent a very small percentage of the Functional and physical units of heredity passed from parent to offspring. Genes are pieces of DNA, and most genes contain the information for making a specific protein.genes that control the human All the DNA contained in an organism or a cell, which includes both the chromosomes within the nucleus and the DNA in mitochondria.genome.

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