“Racial” Diversity Among Chimpanzees Compared to Humans

Genetic Measure Chimpanzees  Humans
X-Chromosome 0.130% 0.037%
Genetic material found in mitochondria, the organelles that generate energy for the cell.mtDNA 14.8 3.4
Fst values >2.0 0.08
Substitution rate >0.05 0.029
Heterozygosity 3.9% 1.8%
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We tend not to think that other species can be separated into races (other than maybe dogs and cats, which we have bred to look different). When we compare human genetic diversity to chimpanzees (which we would say "all look alike"), we find that chimpanzees are two to four times more genetically diverse than the global human population. Therefore, the scientific data shows that racial differences do not reflect massive genetic diversity.

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