Evidence for God from Cosmology
by Rich Deem

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Table of Contents

  1. No Free Lunch by William DembskiEvidence for God from Cosmology
  2. The Greatest Discovery (COBE, 1992)
  3. Relativity vs. The Newtonian Universe
  4. General Relativity - Einstein Discovers God
  5. Origins of the Big Bang Theory
  6. Hot Big Bang Model
  7. Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)
  9. Alternate Models
  10. Infinite/eternal Universe Problems
  11. Steady State Universe
  12. Oscillating universe
  13. The Universe as an Engine
  14. The Hartle-Hawking Model
  15. Problems in Quantum Cosmology
  16. Implications of Big Bang
  17. Objections to the Big Bang
  18. Evidence for God's Existence from Design
  19. New Watchmaker Argument
  20. A "Just Right" Universe
  21. A "Just Right" Galaxy
  22. More Watchmaker Arguments

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