Early Successes Human Cloning

      • 2001 First cloned human embryos (only to six cell stage) created by Advanced Cell Technology (USA)
      • 2004* First human cloned blastocyst created (Korea) later proved to be fraudulent

        *Hwang, W.S., et al. 2004. Evidence of a Pluripotent Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line Derived from a Cloned Blastocyst. Science 303: 1669-1674.
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The first human cloned embryos were not produced until 2001, when a private company, Advanced Cell Technology, produced 6-cell embryos. However, the first cloned human blastocyst was not produced until 2004 by a group in Korea. However, subsequently, it was found that much of the information in the publication was fabricated and the paper was officially withdrawn in January, 2006. Also, contrary to the claims in the paper, not hundreds of oocytes, but over 2000 were used, although no cell lines could be established.1

A subsequent publication by Hwang et al. in 2005 was also found to have been fabricated by intentionally submitting duplicate patient samples in place of patient samples and cloned cells. Both papers were withdrawn by the journal Science. More info is available from the Science website.

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  1. Dennis Normile, Gretchen Vogel and Jennifer Couzin. 2006. South Korean Team's Remaining Human Stem Cell Claim Demolished. ScienceNOW Daily News.

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