Cloned Embryonic Stem Cells – Advantages/Problems

      • Advantages
        • No rejection
        • "Prefect match"
      • Problems
        • Only 10% of cloned oocytes became embryos
        • 0% (0 out of 2061) survived to become a cell line
        • Genetic donor was same as egg donor (i.e., won’t work for males!)
        • Cost is high (health insurance probably won't pay)
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The use of cloned human embryonic stem cells for cell-based therapies has the advantage of producing tissues with perfect compatibility for the patient. However, there are problems, since no cell lines have ever been established, even after using over 2000 oocytes. Obviously, harvesting 2000 embryos without the ability to generate a cell line is problematic. In addition the cost of individual cloning therapy would be high, due to the need to develop a cell line for each individual patient, which has not been successfully completed as of 2006.

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