Only a Small Percentage of Embryos Implant

      • Claim:
        • Embryos are only potential life. Most do not result in births
      • Rebuttal:
        • 25-33% of women become pregnant in the first month
        • 33% of implanted embryos die before birth
        • There are countries in which over 25% of children die before age 5. Should we allow killing of children?
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Embryonic stem cell proponents claim that embryos are only "potential life". Most will fail to be born under natural conditions. It is known that one third of implanted embryos die before birth.1 However, there are third-world countries in which 25% of children under the age of five die.2 If we base potential life upon early death, then these children could also be considered as only "potential adults." Using this "logic" these children could be sacrificed for research.


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